Berlingo 2008 - 2018 L2 Ply Lining Kit with Black Rubber Matting, PK230

£313.00  Inc Vat

Citroen Berlingo 2008 - 2018 Ply Lining Kit with Black Rubber Matting

Suitable for the L2 (long wheelbase) model vans

Manufactured on site with our CNC Machine

The Black Rubber Matting is cut to shape and glued down to our 9mm Floor panels, the matting is cut in one whole piece

Ply Lining kit includes:

  • 6mm Side Panels
  • 6mm Top Side Load Door Panel
  • 6mm Top Rear Door Panels
  • 9mm Floor Panels with Black Rubber Matting

* Photos for illustration purpose - this may not be shown in a Berlingo *

Item is for collection or fitting only, image for illustration purposes